Space Type Domestic
(INR/Sq m)
(USD/Sq m)
Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME)
(INR/Sq m)
Raw Space Rs.8,000 $135 Rs.6,000
Built-up Space  Rs.9,000 $150 Rs.7,000

The standard stall unit measures 3x3 square metres.
Additional space could be booked in a multiple of 9 square metres.
Available Discounts:
No discount - For those Organizations who seek space for 5 or less than 5 standard stalls;
25% discount - For Organizations who seek space from 6 to 20 standard stalls.
40% discount - For those Organizations who seek space from 21 to 50 standard stalls.
50% discount - For those Organizations who seek space for 51 or more than 51 standard stalls.
Complimentary Access Passes:
Complimentary access passes will be provided to the Exhibitor in proportion to the exhibition space booked and the corresponding cost discount availed of, if any, starting with 2 complimentary access passes per stall.

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  • Raw Space
    Domestic (72,000 X 1)
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  • Total (INR) Rs.84,960

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